The dorsey Sinatra Sessions 1940-1942 (6 vinilos)

$49.990 CLP
The dorsey Sinatra Sessions 1940-1942 (6 vinilos)

The dorsey Sinatra Sessions 1940-1942 (6 vinilos)

$49.990 CLP

A1 The Sky Fell Down
A2 Too Romantic
A3 Shake Down The Stars
A4 Moments In The Moonlight
A5 I'll Be Seeing You
A6 Say It
A7 Polka Dots And Moonbeams

B1 The Fable Of The Rose
B2 This Is The Beginning Of The End
B3 Hear My Song Violetta
B4 Fools Rush In
B5 Devil May Care
B6 April Played The Fiddle
B7 I Haven't Time To Be A Millionaire

C1 Imagination
C2 Yours Is My Heart Alone

C3 You're Lonely And I'm Lonely
C4 East Of The Sun
C5 Head On My Pillow
C6 It's A Lovely Day Tomorrow
C7 I'll Never Smile Again

D1 All This And Heaven Too
D2 Where Do You Keep Your Heart?
D3 Whispering
D4 Trade Winds

D5 The One I Love
D6 The Call Of The Canyon
D7 Love Lies

E1 I Could Make You Care
E2 The World Is In My Arms
E3 Our Love Affair
E4 Looking For Yesterday
E5 Tell Me At Midnight
E6 We Three
E7 When You Awake

F1 Anything
F2 Shadows On The Sand
F3 You're Breaking My Heart All Over Again
F4 I'd Know You Anywhere
F5 Do You Know Why?
F6 Not So Long Ago
F7 Stardust

G1 Oh, Look At Me Now
G2 You Might Have Belonged To Another
G3 You Lucky People You
G4 It's Always You
G5 I Tried
G6 Dolores
G7 Without A Song

H1 Do I Worry?
H2 Everything Happens To Me
H3 Let's Get Away From It All
H4 I'll Never Let A Day Pass By
H5 Love Me As I Am
H6 This Love Of Mine
I1 I Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest

I2 You And I
I3 Neiani
I4 Free For All
I5 Blue Skies
I6 Two In Love
I7 Pale Moon
J1 I Think Of You
J2 How Do You Do Without Me?
J3 A Sinner Kissed An Angel
J4 Violets For Your Furs
J5 The Sunshine Of Your Smile
J6 How About You
J7 Snooty Little Cutie

K1 Poor You
K2 I'll Take Tallulah
K3 The Last Call For Love
K4 Somewhere A Voice Is Calling
K5 Just As Though You Were Here
K6 Street Of Dreams
K7 Take Me

L1 Be Careful, It's My Heart
L2 In The Blue Of Evening
L3 Dig Down Deep
L4 There Are Such Things
L5 Daybreak
L6 It Started All Over Again
L7 Light A Candle In The Chapel

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